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YTD 6.3 Downloader and Converter Free Download

YTD 6.3 for Windows PC Free Download

ytd downloader free download 2017

Review YTD 6.3 for Windows PC Free Download :

YTD is designed for Windows PC. YTD Downloader helps you to download youtube videos which you love. Once downloaded, you can also convert them to your desired format. Once done, it would be very easy to keep them and play them whenever you wish to. YTD Downloader can also download videos from YouTube, Facebook, dailymotion as well as other video hosting websites.

YTD works with all types of videos. You can also download HD quality videos. Also you can download only the audio file. Just do the required setting before Download the videos. It also supports various mobile devices so that you can download, convert and transfer them to your mobile devices easily. 
How it works : Once you install YTD on Windows PC. Just launch it and select the download tab. Pick a URL and download the video,once downloaded, go to convert tab and convert the video to your desired format.

New Features of YTD :
  1. Intuitive and Simple to use interface.
  2. Good Mobile Format support.
  3. Also support only audio file download.
  4. Download HD Quality videos and convert them with ease.
  5. Download youtube, facebook videos, dailymotion videos easily.
  6. Convert videos to multiple format under one interface.
System Requirement for YTD:
  1. YTD will work on windows xp, vista, 7/8/8.1/10.
ytd downloader free download 2017

Total Size : 9.8 MB

License : Free Trial

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