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Streets of Chaos v1 2014 Free Download Full Game with Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number

Free PC Games to Download - Streets of Chaos 2014 PC Games with Serial Key, Activation
streets of chaos pc game download
Code, Product Key, Activation Code

Streets of Chaos Free Download : A unique strategy/board game hybrid where you become the leader of a rising resistance in a world gripped in crime and anarchy.

New Features in this game:
- Recruit randomly generated members of your posse with 7 different stats forming their skills.
- Equip them with randomly generated weapons and armor.
- Send them on missions of various types to take over the city, commit crimes to gather cash, hire lawyers, bribe or assassinate judges, and more, all in a totally randomly generated world. No two games will EVER be the same!
- Manage a pool of 3 different resources and use them for game benefits.
- Defend your HQ against attacks from rival gangs.
- Deal with a secret, hidden enemy that throws a monkey wrench into your plans periodically. Hunt him down using your crew!
- Full orchestral music, an attractive and intuitive interface and tons of strategic options and paths to victory.

Total Download Size: 87.97 MB

Download Streets of Chaos PC Game with Serial Key, Activation Code :


Download Free Shimo v3.4 for Mac OSX with Serial Key, Activation Code,Product Key, License Number

Shimo v3.4 for Mac OSX Free Download Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License
shimo for mac download

Shimo for Mac : This app is able to automate everything around your secure network connections.Shimo is the swiss army knife for VPN connections. It supports more protocols than any other VPN application out there! CiscoVPN, AnyConnect, IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP/L2TP, Nortel and even SSH connections are no problem for Shimo.Shimo keeps you informed about every important event. To achieve this it offers multiple different ways of getting your attention: Next to growl notifications and special sounds Shimo supports spoken text and custom AppleScripts. With those you can execute whatever action you want and connect it with a specific event in the connection process.

New Features in this Version:
  1. Added trigger functionality (location, network, wifi security)
  2. Scriptable using AppleScript
  3. Don’t reset statistics on disconnect
  4. 64bit only
  5. Retina graphics

Total Download Size: 20.6 MB
shimo download

Download Shimo 3.4 for Mac OSX Free Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number, Product Key Free :


Paragon NTFS v12 Free Download Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number, Review

Paragon NTFS v12 for MacOSX Software Free Download Serial Key, Activation Code, Product
Key, License Number

Paragon NTFS for Mac : Paragon NTFS breaks down the barriers between Windows and OS X. Paragon NTFS effectively solves the communication problems between the Mac system and NTFS, providing full read and write access to Windows NTFS partitions under OS X. Excellent solution for end users, SOHO, and enterprise, supports all NTFS versions from Windows NT 3.1 to Windows 8 (NTFS versions 1.2, 3.0 and 3.1), and mounts the NTFS volumes as native ones.

Total Size : 9.3 MB

paragon ntfs for mac

Download Paragon NTFS Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number :


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Apple QuickTime Pro v7.7 Free Download with Activation Code

Free QuickTime Pro v7.7 Download with Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License

QuickTime Pro for Windows Free Download : It is a full-featured media player and application framework that features support for all kinds of media types: audio, video, images and virtual reality movies. QuickTime is a powerful, reliable, and flexible foundation for the most cutting-edge multimedia experiences. But that’s just the beginning. With QuickTime 7 Pro, third-party plug-ins, and QuickTime streaming solutions, you can take your digital media even further.

New Program Features:
  1. H.264 video playback. Watch movies created with this state-of-the-art, standards-based codec, which delivers exceptional-quality video.
  2. Surround sound. With QuickTime 7, your PC, and surround speakers, you can enjoy the full effect of your surround sound game or movie.
  3. New and improved playback controls. Easily change settings including jog shuttle, playback speed, bass, treble, and balance.
  4. Zero-configuration streaming. QuickTime automatically determines your optimal Internet connection speed and reconnects dropped connections.
  5. Live resize. Playback continues smoothly as you change the size of the QuickTime Player window

Total Download Size: 40.1 MB
Download Quick Time Pro :

Foxit PhantomPDF Business 7 Free Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number Download

Free Foxit PhantomPDF Business 7.0 2014 Free Serial Key, Activation Code, Product key,
License Number

Foxit PhantomPDF for Windows. Robust for the needs of enterprises, Foxit PhantomPDF Business delivers a feature rich solution with the quality, security, deployability, and support essential for enterprise requirements.

New Program Features:
  1. Automatically reflows and reformats text in the text box as you edit it. Just add or delete content without worrying about the layout.
  2. Join or split text blocks to connect text for more powerful editing. Move and resize text blocks for more compelling layout.
  3. Edit the font of PDF text by changing type, style, size, color, and effect. Align text left, center, or right, while choosing from multiple line spacing options.
  4. Automatically changes the color of edited text, making it easy for others to review and approve changes. This option can be turned on and off by the user.
  5. Spell checks the selected text block or the complete PDF document.
  6. Increase and decrease the indent of paragraphs.
  7. Improved integration of image editing capabilities.
  8. Align objects on the left, middle, or center. Distribute objects horizontally or vertically. Rotate, flip, or shear objects.
  9. Easier insertion of headers, footers, and custom page numbers.
  10. Automatic web link creation from URLs.

Total Download Size: 338MB
Download Foxit PhantomPDF Business Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key:

Wondershare DVD Creator v3.2 with DVD Menu Template Free Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number

Free Wondershare DVD Creator v3.2  Download Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key,
License Number

Wondershare DVD Creator for windows Free Download : Whatever’s on Your Computer, Watch It Now on DVD! Want to make your own movies? Or maybe you just want to finally burn that film collection on your computer to DVD. Whatever you want to watch, Wondershare DVD Creator does it all. Simply drag your favorite feature film into DVD Creator for Win (Windows 8 supported), adjust the quality and click burn. Or use DVD Creator’s powerful built-in editor to combine your own photos, videos and music into home movies, slideshow, really whatever your imagination can handle.

New Program Feature :
A Built-in Editor Lets You Touch up Films or Craft Your Own
Customize Your DVD with Free DVD Menu Templates
Preview and Burn Your DVDs at Top Speed
Download Wondershare DVD CReator Serial Key, Activation Code :

NETGATE Registry Cleaner v7 2014 Free Download Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number

Free Netgate Registry Cleaner v7 2014 Download with Serial Key, Activation Code, Product
netgate registry cleaner download
Key, License Number

NETGATE Registry Cleaner 2014 :  This application is a solution for your pc which really needs to clean from all unneeded files.NETGATE Registry Cleaner cleans and defragment your registry, speed-up your PC, removes unneeded files on disks, removes activity traces. It includes Startup manager to manage programs started at Windows startup and Uninstall manager for handy applications uninstall. Supports scheduling of scans and backup option for better security.

New Program Features:
  1. Registry Defragmentation
  2. Registry Backup and Restore
  3. Startup Manager – manages all applications that starts at Windows startup
  4. Uninstall Manager – handy tool for quick uninstall of application from your system
  5. Backup – all removed items are stored in backup until permanent deletition it can be restored anytime

Total Download Size: 8.11 MB

Download NETGATE Registry Cleaner 


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Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Free Download

Free PC Software to Download - Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Free Download Full Version with
Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number
Adobe Photoshop CC for Windows & MacOSX Free Download : The software enables you to make quick picture corrections like those for removing chromatic aberrations, lens distortions or vignetting. Managing colors or painting and drawing become easy tasks with Photoshop since it packs all the necessary tools for these activities. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best bitmap editing programs available on the market. In its latest version the Photoshop CC it comes as part of Creative Cloud, whilst the previous version Photoshop CS6 was available in Creative Suite. Adobe Photoshop software redefines digital imaging with powerful new photography tools and breakthrough capabilities for complex image selections, realistic painting, and intelligent retouching. Enjoy cross-platform 64-bit support and a wide range of workflow enhancements.

New Program Features:
1. A more intuitive user interface and new nondestructive editing features that put you in control, including the new Adjustments and Masks panels
2. Content-Aware Scaling – advanced auto-blending that extends depth of field, and industry-leading editing and compositing with reengineered color-correction tools
3. Significant productivity enhancements that provide increased flexibility and enable you to leverage the power of today’s faster graphics processors
4. Breakthrough 3D editing and compositing capabilities and improved video controls to dramatically expand your creative options
Comprehensive image analysis with enhanced measurement and counting tools, as well as support for DICOM images and MATLAB processing routines

Download Adobe Photoshop Free Full Version with Activation Code :


Malwarebytes Antimalware 2014 Free Download with Serial Key, Activation Code

Free PC Software to DOwnload - MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Premium 2014 with serial key,
Activation Code, Product Key, License Number
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium 2014 Free Download : Malwarebytes's graphic interface is highly intuitive and you simply need to specify the type of scan you want to perform – the most accurate also requires the most time to complete, so if have time to spare, it is advisable to choose this type. Today’s cyber criminals build software designed to slip past antivirus programs undetected. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium crushes these threats with innovative technologies designed to defend you while keeping your online experience fast and hassle free.

New Program Features:
  • Detects and protects against malware in real-time
  • Blocks hacking and phishing attempts
  • Schedules automatic scanning
  • Offers three flexible scanning modes
Total Download Size: 17 MB

Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware Premium 2014 Free :


Ashampoo Shrink and Burn 4 Free Download

Free PC Software to Download - Ashampoo Shrink and Burn v4 2014 Free download full
ashampoo shrink and burn download
version with serial key, activation code, product key, license number, crack
Ashampoo Movie Shrink and Burn 4 Free Download : Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 4 – the space-saving way to bring your videos to any device, fast and easy. Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 4 tailors your videos to your device, whether it be smartphone, tablet, gaming console or PC. All common as well as all the latest models such as Sony Playstation 4, iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are supported. And the intuitive step-by-step user approach guides you from start to finish in just seconds. It couldn’t be any easier! Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 4 is the worthy successor to Movie Shrink & Burn 3. Experience a fresh, modern design with state of the art handling. Profit from the latest software technology with multi-core support for blazingly fast results. Put your videos on all your devices including the latest smartphones and gaming consoles. Published for

New  Program Features:

  1. Shrink large video files for easy sending and sharing
  2. Convert to numerous video formats and play back videos on any device
  3. Perfectly optimize for video portals or upload directly
  4. Burn Full HD videos to DVD and Blu-ray with menus for a cinematic experience

Total Download Size: 96.47 MB

Download Ashampoo Movie Shrink and Burn Full Version Here :


ACDSee Professional 8 Free Download Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number

Free PC Software to Download - ACDSee Professional 8 Free Download with Serial key,
acdsee professional 8
Activation Code, Full Version, Serial Number, Product Key

ACDSee Pro 8 Free Download : It’s a professional tool that you can use to organize, view, edit and share images. It is aimed at processing digital photos in a manner that allows you to increase productivity. ACDSee Pro 8 has everything you need to manage, perfect, and present your images. Carry out digital asset management and all the essential tasks of your photography workflow in one complete, amazingly fast solution. Achieve stunning results, stay organized, save time. ACDSee Pro 8 delivers total photography control.

New Program Features:-
  1. Ground-breaking image processing workflow
  2. Convenient FTP uploader
  3. Free online photo sharing
  4. SMTP e-mail support
  5. Enhanced intuitive interface
  6. Flexible non-destructive processing presets
  7. Improved noise reduction
  8. Vibrance image processing tool
  9. Advanced Color image processing tool

Total Download Size: 138 MB

Download ACDSee Professional 8 Here:

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Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional v4.4 Free Download Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key

Free PC Software to Download - Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional v4.4 Free Download Full
auslogics disk defrag free download serial key
Version With Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number

Auslogics Disk Defrag : It’s the professional edition of Auslogics Disk Defrag, for me one of the most efficient software to defrag your hard disk on Windows. Changelog is available here, enjoy. The professional edition of your favorite defragmenter. Now delivers even more speed to your hard drive, thanks to new optimization algorithms and boot-time defrag technology.

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro Features:
  1. Defragments system files (MFT, pagefile, hiberfil, etc.)
  2. Offers a choice of 4 disk optimization algorithms
  3. Not only defrags, but prevents further fragmentation
  4. Uses special algorithms for SSD and VSS-enabled drives
  5. Shows detailed reports and performance charts

Other Salient Features:
  1. Ultimate Performance Boost – Disk Defrag Pro increases file access speed, meaning that just about everything on your PC will work faster.
  2. Smart Defrag Algorithms - Thanks to 4 different algorithms for intelligent file placement, your hard drive will always run at its top speed.
  3. Boot-time Defrag – Now you can defrag every single file, including crucial system files that are normally locked by Windows.
  4. Fragmentation Prevention – Disk Defrag Pro not only defrags, but also can prevent further fragmentation by leaving free space after specified files.
  5. Disk Cleanup And Checkup – For faster and safer defragmentation, you can set the program to remove temp files and check disks for errors.
  6. Performance Charts – Speed improvements and disks’ state can now be easily tracked through detailed reports and performance charts.
  7. Defragmentation Wizard – Can’t decide which defrag algorithm to choose? No worries! Use the Wizard to identify best defrag methods for your PC.
  8. Resource Management - Limit the use of system resources by the defrag process when you’re at your PC, or lift any restrictions for faster defrag.

Total Download Size: 7MB

Download Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional Free :

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