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MXGP Full Game for XBOX360

Free Game for XBOX360 Download - MXGP PAL XBOX 360 COnsole Games Downloads
mxgp xbox360

About Game : Dust, emotion, simulation, authenticity, amazing jumps and the fight to the first position. These are the key elements of MXGP, The Official Motocross Videogame, based on one of the most adrenaline filled and challenging Championship events ever. . The aim? Win the World championship title match by match.

Publisher: Milestone
Developer: Milestone
Genre: Racing

Total Size for MXGP: 6.89GB

Download MX GP for XBOX 360 COnsole Full:

Download MXGP Full Game for PS3

Free Games to Download - MXGP PS3 Free Full Version Game for Play Station 3 

Brief Review: Dust, emotion, simulation, authenticity, amazing jumps and the fight to the first position. These are the key elements of MXGP, The Official Motocross Videogame, based on one of the most adrenaline filled and challenging Championship events ever. . The aim? Win the World championship title match by match. Authentic racing features have been included into the game that will inspire Motocross lovers and race fans. MXGP features all the riders, teams, bikes and rules from the official MXGP 2013 calendar including a redesigned career mode for living the feelings of the Motocross.

MXGP for PS3 New Features:
  1. OFFICIAL LICENSE — 60 riders, 60 bikes, 12 tracks and rules from the official MX1 and MX2 2013 FIM Motocross World Championship.
  2. REALISM — It’s “The Game About Motocross” and this is injected in all the aspects of the game: realistic bike physics, rider motion-captured animations, dirt systems, new terrain deformation system. 
  3. BE A MOTOCROSS RIDER — Live the real life of a motocross rider with the career mode: signing contract with Official MX Teams depending on his results try to became the new champion.
  4. TRACKS — All the tracks are completely new and loyal to the real ones: realistic illumination, 3D enviroments, fan, baloon and animated flag… show the real Motocross World!
free games for ps3
Developer: Milestone
Publisher: Plug in Digital
Genre: Racing

Total Size of MXGP : 3.7GB
mxgp download

Download MXGP for PS3 Free Here:

Download Corel Painter X3 13 for Mac OS X

Free Software for MAC Download - Corel Painter X3 13 2014 Free Full Version for MacOSX 
corel painter x3 download

Corel Painter helps you create astonishing art in a variety of media. Paint with vivid oil paints, fluid water colors, and earthy charcoals. Corel Painter flawlessly recreates the tones and textures of each medium.

Corel Painter X3 New Features:
  1. Choose your brush. Corel Painter includes hundreds of built-in brushes. You can even create your own brush by fine-tuning bristle type, behavior, and settings.
  2. Pick a paper style. Corel Painter lets you tweak your paper texture, effecting the way your brush strokes interact with the grain. More textures, more possibilities.
  3. Customize every detail. Tweak the wetness of your paint, or alter the drying time. Corel Painter’s options are as boundless as your artistic imagination.
Total Size to Download: 178MB

Download Free Full Version:

Download XiiaLive 3 for Android Free Apk Full Version

Free Software to Download - XiiaLive Pro v3.1 for Android Free Full Version Download

xiialiveXiiaLive Pro for Android 2014: This radio app has a very nice design and is easy to use. This is the PRO version of XiiaLive, one of the top apps in the market, offering the most stable and uninterrupted Internet radio experience! It lets you stream music and explore more than 50,000 live radio stations from all over the world. By upgrading to XiiaLive PRO, besides from supporting our hard work, you also get some awesome added features and no banner ads!

XiiaLive Pro New Features:
  1. All the features already included in our XiiaLive free version –variety of stations and directories, favorites, history, alarm, sleep timer, and sharing capabilities.
  2. No ads! You can stream without any adds appearing on your screen.
  3. Our REWIND option increases from 5 minutes on the free version to up to 60 minutes for the PRO version.
  4. We added more options for the NOTIFICATION SOUNDS. Now you can chose the sound you prefer.
  5. Advanced station filtering options.
  6. The ability to add homescreen SHORTCUTS to your favorite radio stations.
  7. Bluetooth advance controls with auto play/stop playback. Pick a device to automatically start playback upon pairing and also to stop playback upon disconnecting.
  8. Allows you to RESTORE a previous backup containing all your favorite songs and stations.

Total Size: 6.04 MB

How to Install XiiaLive free on Android :
1. UnRAR / UnPack the app.
2. Copy the app to your SD Card.
3. Now go to file manager and Install the app.
4. Enjoy...

Download Android Apk Free :

Free Download AVG Internet Security 2014 FULL Versin PC Antivirus for Windows

Free Download AVG Internet Security 2014 Full version Build for 32 Bit and 64 Bit PC Systems

AVG internet security download 2013AVG Internet Security 2014 is a complete and ultimate Protection for your PC and online identity! This award-winning virus protection product gives you unbeatable Internet security by protecting against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and malicious websites. And it’ll even prevent you from accidentally visiting harmful sites, protects your identity when shopping and banking. AVG Internet Security is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for home and small office users which is trusted by millions of users worldwide. Its fast scan and video streaming, smart security won’t slow your computer down. You are reading this Post on With AVG Internet Security you also have access for the first time to AVG Identity Theft Recovery Unit that will help you get your life back in order if you ever become a victim of identity theft – online or offline. Only AVG gives you real-time protection against malicious websites thanks to our new LinkScanner technology.

New Features in This Version :
  • Improved scanning using enhanced scanning algorithms for faster scanning.
  • Improved compatibility with a detected 3rd party Firewall.
  • Refined threshold for browser memory consumption.
  • Boot accelerator optimizes time needed for boot up.
  • Fresh and new user interface for easier navigation and better user experience.
  • AVG 2013 is fully compatible with Windows 8.
Total Program Size: 304 MB

How to Install :
1. UnRAR the Antivirus
2. Install it.

Download  AVG Internet Security 2014 Full Version:

Free Download Advanced System Care Professional 7 2014 Full Version Serial Number

Free PC Maintenance Software to Download - Advanced System Care Pro 7 2014
advanced system care free download

Advanced System Care Pro :  Keeping your computer in top-notch shape requires some specialized software that can identify and fix existing problems and also take precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of some of those issues. Advanced SystemCare 7 PRO provides automated and all-in-one PC care service with Malware Removal, Registry Fix, Privacy Protection, Performance Tune-up, and System Cleaning capabilities. It also creates superior and safer online experience with the latest Surfing Protection and Internet Boost technology, to ensure your top online security and maximum PC performance.

Advanced System Care 2014 New Features:-
  • It will easily Boosts, cleans, and fixes all kinds of PC problems automatically
  • Advanced System Care will Speeds up PC startup, Internet connection, and the whole performance
  • It Protects you against spyware and adware in real time
  • Organizes system resources intelligently for maximum PC performance
Total Size: 39 MB

Download Advanced System Care Here:

Download Steganos Privacy Suite 15 2014 Free Full Version with Serial Number, Activation Code

Free Security Software to Download - Steganos Privacy Suite 15 2014 Full Version with Serial Key, Activation Code, License Number, Product Key
steganos privacy suite 15

Steganos Privacy Suite 2014 Free Serial Key:  It is a useful collection of tools designed to keep your private data safe from unauthorized access. Steganos Privacy Suite 15 is the established all-around protection application for your sensitive data on your computer, removable media devices and smartphones. On your computer, removable data media and now even on smartphones. Antivirus software is no longer enough these days: incorrect use, along with Internet criminals, put your data in jeopardy. Encryption is a crucial point in protecting your private information. Every file and account and therefore your whole digital identity depends upon the proper safety measures. Steganos Privacy Suite lets you encrypt files with the Steganos Safe. It also protects your passwords and even generates secure ones for you with the Steganos Password Manager. And now your passwords even become mobile. You can take them with you on your iPhone, iPad or Android-Smartphone.

Steganos Privacy Suite New Features:-
  1. Protect your passwords and private data
  2. Create uncrackable folders
  3. Place your encrypted data in the cloud
  4. Strong encryption
  5. Protect the content of your Dropbox
  6. Find your specific password
  7. Generate passwords
Privacy Suite Total Size: 45.29 MB

How to Install Privacy Suite Full Version:
1. Unpack and Install the software.
2. Go to folder and look for Patch, run it.
Note: Obviously you will be unable to unlock a VPN service using Online Shield

Download This Software full Version here:

Download Bigasoft Total Video Converter 2014 Free Full Version Serial Key, License Number

Free Video Converters to Download - Bigasoft Total Video Converter 4 2014 Latest Full Version free Download with Serial Key, Activation Code, Product Key, License Number
bigasoft total video converter free download

Bigasoft Total Video Converter 2014 Full Version:  This program is designed to help you encode video files to multiple formats, including MP4, VOB, MOV and AVI. The tool can be easily handled by all user levels. Bigasoft Total Video Converter helps you fast convert between various video files to enjoy your favorite movie or music video on portable device, mobile phone, mp4 player, personal computer, television, YouTube and so on with ease. The powerful video conversion tool supports video conversion between a wide range of video formats, including AVI, Xvid, DivX, H.264, MP4, 3GP, MKV, WMV, RM, FLV, MOV, WTV, MXF, MVI, F4V, Apple ProRes MOV, WebM, VP8, 720p, 1080p, 1080i HD, AVCHD videos and more.

Bigasoft Total Video Converter New Features:
  1. Convert video format
  2. Digital playback devices support
  3. Convert audio files
  4. Extract audio from video
  5. Convert WebM and convert to WebM
  6. Capture picture from video
  7. Download videos from YouTube and convert them to desired formats
  8. Movie effect support
  9. Preview before conversion
  10. Batch conversion
Total Size of Video Converter : 17.44 MB

How to make Bigasoft Total video Converter Full Version:
1. UnRAR the software in a folder.
2. Install the softwares.
3. Go to folder and look for serial keygen. 
4. Run the keygen, and generate an activation code, and paste it where required.
5. Enjoy.....

( Please buy the software from the developer, if you like this software.)

Download Free Full Version Video COnverter 2014:

Download PointStone Total Privacy Free with Activation Code 2014

Free PC Software to Download - PointStone Total Privacy v6 2013 Free Download Security Utility

privacy total softwares
Total Privacy PC Tools
Total Privacy 2013, is a complete solution to protect your privacy and enhance your PC performance. With a simple click Total Privacy can securely erase your internet tracks, computer activities and programs history information stored in many hidden files on your computer. Total Privacy is a safe and easy-to-use to use privacy protection tool that stops all those pesky snoopers such as Cookies, history, index.dat, competitors (and even your boss!) from finding the trail of your computer use that modern internet browsers and many other programs leave behind.

Total Privacy New Features:
  • Supports all major browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome)
  • Comes with over 450 plugins that extend the cleaning to many third-party programs
  • Wipes Disks to prevent recovery of previously deleted files
  • Military-Grade File Eradication
  • One-Touch and Automated Cleaning Options
  • Cleans the dreadful index.dat files
How to Install PointStone Total Privacy Free:
1. UnRAR the Software in a fresh folder.
2. Install it..
3. Go to folder and Look for crack file.
4. Just Copy that and Paste in installation directory.
5. Run the App.....Enjoy..

Program Size:7 MB

total privacy pro pointstone software 2013 free downloads

Download PointStone 2013 Here:

Download DVD Audio Extractor 7 2014 Latest Full Version Free with Activation Code

Free PC Multimedia Software to Download - DVD Audio Extractor v7.2 2014 Latest Version Free Download with Free Activation Code / License Number / Product key
dvd audio extractor download

Download DVD Audio Extractor 2014: DVD Audio Extractor is an application that can extract audio from DVD movies and export them to the OGG, MP3, WAV and FLAC format. The user interface of the program consists of a wizard that is very easy to navigate through. DVD Audio Extractor is a powerful software DVD audio extracting / ripping tool. It can help you to extract audio streams from your favorite DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs and save them as OGG, MP3, Wave or FLAC files. DVD Audio Extractor can also demux audio streams directly to mlp, pcm, mpa, ac3 or dts files. The unique CD Image creating feature allows you to convert DVD to Audio CD in one step. DVD Audio Extractor runs on Windows and Mac OS X. DVD Audio Extractor features on its easy-to-use interface, ultra-fast extracting speed, rich audio formats support, multi-channel capability, resample to arbitrary sample rate, audio preview and much more. It’s all what you needed to get audios out of DVD discs, so that you can listen on MP3 Player, play on PC, record to CD or do anything else.

DVD Audio Extractor New Latest Features :
  1. DVD Audio Extractor is designed in sense of easy use. The program comes with a step by step wizard-like interface and all the functions can be used by simple mouse clicks.
  2. With its fully optimized processing engine, DVD Audio Extractor can convert selected audio tracks within 10% of the playback time. (Note: processing time differs for different audio format settings)
  3. DVD Audio Extractor can decode all the audio formats available on DVD-Video: Dolby Digital (AC-3), MPEG1/2, Linear PCM (any 16, 20 or 24 bit, 48000 or 96000 Hz sample rate, 1 to 8 channels), and DTS (Digital Theater Systems).
  4. DVD Audio Extractor is able to encode to several formats: OGG (Mono, Stereo or 5.1 Surround), MP3 (Mono, Stereo or Joint Stereo) and Uncompressed PCM Wave (unlimited channel, 8 bits, 16 bits or 24 bits, with an option to save each channel to separate file).
  5. The newly added CD Image creating feature allows you to convert DVD to Audio CD in one step.
  6. The newly added audio play/preview feature allows you to listen to the selected chapters, so that you can be sure those chapters are really what you wanted to extract. You can also use DVD Audio Extractor as a standalone Audio Player for DVD-Video discs.

Total Size of Software: 9.99 MB

How to Make DVD Audio Extractor Full Version:
1. UnRAR the software in a folder.
2. Install the softwaers.
3. Go to folder and look for file with name : "dvdae-gui.exe".
4. Replace the files in theinstallation directory. Say, "YES" to replace when asked. Now run the program please.
5. You may have a unrestricted version. Enjoy
Please Buy the Premium Software from the Vendor, to support the Developer.

Download DVD Audio Extractor Software Free Full Version:

Download Apalon Weather Live 1.1 2014 Free for MacOSX

Free Software to Download for MacOSX - Apalon Weather Live v1.1 for Mac PC Free 
apalon weather download

Apalon Weather Live For MacOSX: Meet Weather Live, the most beautiful weather app ever. Don’t let bad weather take you by surprise! Whether it is cloudy, raining, snowing or even stormy outside, Weather Live will provide you with current weather conditions and forecast in your city and multiple locations all around the world. Cold or warm weather, it will magically come alive on the crisp screen of your Mac. You won’t even have to look out the window as Weather Live will make you feel like you are already outside! With an innovative technology Weather Live™ implemented into the app, we made it possible!

Apalon Weather Live New Features:
  1. Weather forecasts and local time for multiple locations all around the world
  2. Search for a specific location by postcode, zipcode, latitude/longitude, IP, Airport Code, city/town name
  3. Live weather scenes reflecting real-time weather conditions
  4. Adjustable layout, check the basic information or go advanced. Choose weather parameters you want to be displayed in the layout settings
  5. Current temperature as an icon badge right on the desktop
  6. Weather in menu bar even when the app window is closed

apalon weather gadget
Apalon Total Size: 30.58 MB

How to Install Apalon Weather Live:
1. UnRAR the software in a folder.
2. Install the software.
3. Enjoy.....

Download Free Software for MacOSX:

Download Nero Burning ROM 2014 Free Full Version with Activation Code

Free PC Software to Download - Nero Burning ROM 2014 15 Full Version Free Download with Serial Key Activation Code / Product Key / License Number
nero burning rom 2014 free download
Nero Burning ROM 2014

Download Nero Burning Rom 2014 : The powerful burning software Nero Burning ROM allows you to burn your data, music and videos to disc. Award-Winning Nero Burning ROM is the Only Burning Software You’ll Need! Nero Burning ROM offers you the most advanced disc burning solution. Nero Burning ROM – Leading CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning and copying technology. When it comes to burning, accept nothing less than the industry’s best. Award-winning Nero Burning ROM is known for reliable, high-quality CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning and copying. Loaded with advanced features that go beyond just burning, it also features SecurDisc technology for the ultimate in data readability and protection. It’s the only program you’ll need to save and share your files.

Nero Burning ROM 2014 New Features:-
  1. Burn DVD-Video, BDMV, and AVCHD compilations
  2. Rip audio CDs to your PC and convert audio
  3. Create reliable and secure discs with SecurDisc technology included
Total Size of Nero Burning ROM: 91.32 MB

Download Nero Burning ROM 2014 Full Version:

Free Download HiDownload Platinum v8 2013 Full Version Download with Free Serial Key Activation Code

HiDownload Full Version Free Download Platinum v8 2013Free PC Software to Download - HiDownload Platinum v8 Full Version with Free Activation Code / Serial Key / Product Key

HiDownload is a multi-threaded and Powerful download manager that allows you to download individual files (or lists of files) from web and FTP sites while maximizing the potential of your internet connection. Depending on your bandwidth, it provides you maximum download speed.

HiDownload Platinum Download New Features:
  1. Accelerated Downloads: By splitting the files into several parts and downloading them at the same time you save time.
  2. Support multi-protocols: HTTP, FTP, MMS, MMSU, MMST, RTSP, PNM, RTMP
  3. Download all streams files: wmv,wma,asf, asx,rm,ra,rmvb,ram,smil,smi,rpm,mov,flv,pls,m3u,and more
  4. Download Streaming Video and Record Streaming Audio
Program Size: 9.94 MB

How to Install :
1. UnRAR using any archive extrator tool.
2. Install the Software by following all instructions.

hidownload free full version download managers

Download Full Version HiDownload Platinum v8 2014 Free:

Download Norton Utilities 16 Free Full Version with Activation Code

Free PC Utilities to Download - Norton Utilities version 16 Full Version Download with Free Serial Key / Activation Code / Product Key / License Number

norton utilities download Symantec’s Norton Utilities provides the essential tools you need to optimize the performance of your PC. It is an application suite that will provide you with the essential tools you need to optimize the performance of your Personal Computer. Norton Utilities finds and fixes broken registry links and damaged files, frees up disk space, reclaims system memory, accelerates startup time, and boosts application and system performance. It opens applications faster, and lets you run more of them simultaneously. Norton Utilities can help make your PC will run like new again. Unlike other PC tune-up software, Norton Utilities focuses 100 percent on performance and provides easy-to-use tools that make a real difference. Make your computer boot faster by prioritizing the startup programs with Startup Manager. Instead of letting Microsoft Windows load programs you don’t need, Startup Manager loads only the programs you choose.

Norton Utilities 2014 New Features:
  1. Solves PC Problems
  2. Boosts PC Performance
  3. Increases Privacy and Security

Norton Utilities TOtal Size: 20MB

Download Free PC Utilities Full Version:

Free Download Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate 3.2 Latest All-in-One PDF Converter 2014

Free PC Software to Download - Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate v3.2 2014 Latest Version Full Download with Free Serial Key / Activation Code / Product Key / License Number
aiseesoft pdf converter download full version. now convert any pdf

Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate 2014: Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate is the all-in-one PDF Converter for you to convert PDF to word, text, EPUB, HTML, and image with super high quality. You can easily choose the output format that you need including Text, Word, Excel, PowerPoint2007, EPUB, HTML, and image (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PPM, JPEG2000) format. It supports OCR technology to help you get the exact file.

Aiseesoft PDF Converter New Features:
  1. Convert PDF to Text/Word/Excel/PowerPoint2007/EPUB/HTML format
  2. Convert PDF to TIFF/JPEG/PNG/GIF/BMP/TGA/PPM/JPEG2000 Image formats
  3. Support OCR to improve the accuracy of output file
  4. Support multi-language PDF files to be converted
PDF Converter Total Size: 113.72 MB

How to INstall PDF Converter Full Version:
1. UnRAR the software in a folder.
2. Install the PDF Converter.exe
3. Go to folder and look for files.
4. Run "patch.exe" in tha app directory. 
5. That's it.........Now Run the program......

Please Support the Developer, If you Like This Software.......

Download Latest Free PDF Converter Full Version:

Download PDF Pro 10 Full Version Free with Activation Code 2014

Free PC Software to Download - PDF Pro 10 2014 Full Version Download with Free Serial Key Activation Code / Product Key / License Number
pdf pro free download full version

PDF Pro for Windows 2014: PDF Pro is a software program which comes bundled with many options, so that you can create, edit and protect your PDF files, as well as convert them to other formats. PDF Pro 10 is the easiest solution to start working with 100% Adobe compatible PDF files today. Whether you’re looking to view, create, edit, secure, revise, or collaborate on a PDF document, PDF Pro 10′s intuitive interface makes it easy to take advantage of the full versatility of any Portable Document Format!

PDF Pro New Features:
  1. Create PDF files straight from the toolbar of all your favourite MS Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  2. Create PDF files from any application that prints with one click
  3. Add, remove, and edit text and graphics within all your PDF files
  4. Apply passwords to prevent unwanted viewers and permissions to restrict functions like editing and printing
  5. Adjust the file size of your PDF for easy email distribution
PDF Pro Total Size: 47.87 MB

How to make PDF Pro 2014 Full Version:
1. UnRAR the files using WinRAR or WinZIP
2. INstall the softwares.
3. Go to folder and look for Serial Key / Activation Code
4. Make Update Setting as "Deactivate"
5. That't it....RUn the program.....

Please Buy the Software, If you Like to support the developer.

Download Free PC SOftware Full Version with Activation Code:

Download Cypress Inheritance The Begining Free Full Game with Activation Code 2014

Free PC Games to Download - Cypress Inheritance The Beginning Full Game for Windows PC Download  2014 with Free Activation Code / Product key / License  Number
cypress inheritance pc game download

Cypress Inheritance The Beginning 2014 for PC: You have learned that your grandfather – Alfred Cypress, who you never knew you had, has disappeared. He was an eccentric and brilliant man who developed and programmed Artificial Intelligence into his living and working environments which are in different locations around the world. With Alfred’s disappearance, the A.I. programs have become more self-aware, protective, and possessive of the items they protect.As your journey begins on a mysterious island, using the technology and assets provided to you, find and protect your legacy as well as all the documents and needed information hidden on Cypress Island. You only have 72 hours to complete the tasks that are put before you. With this all in mind, you must use strategy, patience, stay strong and be careful to accomplish your objectives.

Cypress Inheritance PC Game New Features:
  1. The Cypress Bloodline – By being a part of the Cypress bloodline, Lorna Ritten is given a chance to finally find about her true identity. She has wanted to know about her true family ever since she learned she was adopted. Approached by a stranger, she is now given the opportunity to find the answers she has been wanting to know for so long.
  2. Open World – As Lorna, Immerse yourself in a non-linear, non-tutorial experience as you search for and uncover the secrets of the Cypress family past in an open world with day/night cycles all powered by the Unreal Engine. You will find hidden areas, outposts and vaults filled with secrets and challenges. From the endless forests to the dark shadows of the caves, there is much to discover.
  3. You only have one chance to complete your mission. Your choices and use of resources on Cypress Island will have permanent consequences that affect your chances of surviving the island and completing your mission.
  4. Locate – Find valuable information and uncover the secrets which were kept from you for so long. You will be given technology that will allow you to use stealth, which will enable you to search without being detected and will help you in achieving your mission.
  5. Protect – You will need to make sure these secrets are well kept and protected. Remember, the information you are about to recover could change the world.
  6. Survive – You must overcome challenges and obstacles while balancing your health and stamina. Having only 72 hours to accomplish your mission, you will need to use strategy, patience and stay strong to achieve your objectives.
    pc game cypress download
cypress game download
Game Genre: Role Playing
Developer: Cypress Inheritance
Publisher: Cypress Inheritance

How to make Cypress Inheritance Full Version PC Game:
1- First, Extract the files in a folder.
2- Run setup and install the game
3- Play

Total Size of the Game: 2.69 GB

Download Cypress Inheritance PC Game with Activation Code 2014:

Download CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 12 Full Version with Free Activation

Free Multimedia Software to Download - CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate v12 2014 Full Version Download with Free Serial key / Activation Code / License key / product Number
cyberlink powerdirector 2014 free download

Download CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 2014: PowerDirector is a video editing tool that comes packed with complex, yet easy-to-use features. PowerDirector 12 Ultimate provides the most comprehensive tools for high quality video productions, all with easy-to-use features. The new MultiCam editing support allows you to import up to 4 videos taken by different devices, and sync them by audio tracks so that you can easily pick the best shots. Theme Designer allows you to create 3D animated slideshows with your videos and photos. PowerDirector 12 Ultimate also includes worth over $400 in premium effects and templates to further enrich your video creation.

PowerDirector New Features:
  1. Revolutionary Content Aware Editing: Automatically analyze and quickly retrieve & fix video footage.
  2. High Quality Production: Import, Edit & Export videos beyond HD quality, up to next generation 4K standard.
  3. Pro Quality Tools and Effects: Create amazing videos with 100+ built-in pro effects, download 300,000+ free effects online and define your own style with new Design Studio.
  4. Fast Video Editing: Edit & Render videos at blazing speed with NEW TrueVelocity? 3 engine, multi-GPGPU acceleration and native 64-bit support.
  5. Productive Working Environment: Designed for fast-paced professional video production workflow.

Total Size of PowerDirector : 1.10 GB

How to Install the CyberLink PowerDirector Full Version on your PC:
1. First, unRAR the software in a folder.
2. Install it.
3. Run our keygen as Admin and click "Patch" to patch your hosts file. You can patch manually, too:
2. Install 1-setup.exe
3. Install 2-update.exe
4. Install 3-premium_content.exe
5. Run the app and register it using a serial generated by our keygen. Don't close the keygen!
6. Open a .MKV or .MP4 file with the app. The app will ask you to register manually. Click on the URL (should look like this:
7. Then, Copy this activation url to your clipboard and paste it to our keygen to generate an activation code.
8. If facing any problem in installation, please comment below. 
 Please Support the Developer by purchasing the software through CyberLink Website.

Download Free CyberLink PowerDirector 2014 Full Version Here:

Download Corel PaintShop Pro X6 2014 Full Version Free with Serial Key, Activation Code

Free Painting Software for PC Download - Corel PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate v16 2014 Full Download with Free Serial Key / Activation Code / Product Key / License Number
corel paintshop pro x6 2014 download free

Download Corel PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate 2014 : Corel PaintShop Pro is a Graphic design tools, text and lettering for scrapbook projects and web tools for integration which includes rollover effects. It’s all in X6. Imagine your best photo ever – now bring it to life with the ultimate photo editor. Corel PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate combines the pro-quality photo-editing tools of PaintShop Pro X6 with powerful image correction technology Perfectly Clear by Athentech Imaging, portrait beautifying tools Reallusion FaceFilter3 Standard and a collection of creative extras. Corel Paintshop Pro x6 2014 built with powerful new 64-bit architecture, this comprehensive photo editor offers more speed than ever before. With so many image-perfecting tools at your fingertips, you’ll be inspired to create unforgettable photos and designs.

Corel PaintShop Pro X6 2014 New Features:-
  1. Award-winning Perfectly Clear. Powerful image correction technology automatically applies robust, intelligent corrections to your photos, including one-click fixes for exposure, noise removal, color vibrancy and more.
  2. Reveal the true beauty of your photos with Reallusion FaceFilter3 Standard, a versatile collection of photo retouching tools. Enhance portraits with blemish removal tools, a multi-layer makeup system with easy-to-use templates.
  3. Get the perfect photo fast with new performance gains in PaintShop Pro X6. Achieve amazing results in less time with new 64-bit power.
  4. PaintShop Pro X6 offers more than just photo editing, it’s also a powerful design program that’s perfect for any visual project.
  5. An intuitive, 1-2-3 workspace follows your natural workflow. Manage, Adjust and Edit

Total Size of Software: 826 MB

How to Install the Software with Full Version on PC:
1. First thing you have to do is to Disconnect your system from the internet.
2. Run app's setup and enter a serial from our serial keygen.
3. Run the application now and activate by phone.
4. Run "Ultimate Creative Collection" setup.
5. That't enjoy...........Please buy the premium version of this software from the developers to support them.

Download Corel PaintShop Pro X6 2014 Full Version with Serial key / Activation  Code :

Download Post Master Simulator 2014 Free Full Game with Activation Procedure.

Free PC Games to Download - Post Master Simulator 2014 Full Game Download for Windows PC with Free Serial Key / Activation Code / License Number / Product Key
post master pc game download 2014

Download Post Master 2014 for PC. Enjoy! Can you take control of a mail distribution company where your business will need to adapt to a growing city? Will you be able to handle the pressure of new delivery opportunities or are other delivery businesses step in to pick up the slack and impact your profit margin. In Excalibur’s Post Master you’ll start out with a single post office, supplying pick-up and delivery services for a small area of the city. To maintain an excellent service you’ll need to hire workers to sort mail, contract security guards to protect your offices from robberies while also purchasing new vehicles to pick up and deliver mail.

Post Master PC Game New Features:
  1. An ever growing city that changes frequently
  2. Hire staff and purchase personnel
  3. Set the duties and route of each vehicle
  4. Purchase objects for your garage and offices
  5. Hire security guards to prevent post office robbery
  6. Invest in new offices to expand the reach of your services
  7. Adjust the prices of your services, do you want to charge a fortune or undercut your competitors?

Game Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Excalibur
Publisher: Merge Games
Total Size of the Game : 89 MB

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Pinball FX2 2014 Full Game for Windows PC Free Download

Free PC Games to Download - Pinball FX2 2014 Full Game Download for Windows PC
pinball pc game download

Download Pinball FX2 for PC 2014: This PC version of Pinball FX 2 is just as great as the others. Its still one of the best digital pinball games out there with superb physics, great table design and good multiplayer features. It includes all tables! Pinball FX2 is an ever-growing collection of original pinball table simulations built by Zen Studios, the world’s premier virtual pinball developer.

Game Genre: Casual, Simulation
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Zen Studios

Total Size of the Game: 1.99 GB

How to Install Pinball FX2 PC Game:
1. First, unrar the game in a folder.
2. Then mount the image & install
3. Now go to folder and copy the crack
4. Paste in the installation directory. (default is : C:/Program Files/)
5. That's it.......Please buy the premium version if you like this game.

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Fish Vs Crabs v1.1 for MacOSX Full Game Download

Free Games to Download for Mac PC - Fish Vs Crabs v1.1 for MacOSX Full Game Download 
fish vs crabs free game for macosx download

Fish vs. Crabs is a fully immersive 3D underwater Tower Defense Game. You play the role of the fish defending your eggs from invading crabs, shrimp and lobster. The invaders advance along the sandy ocean bottom toward their goal. You must strategically place your towers in an effort to prevent the invaders from reaching your eggs and escaping with them.

Once you have successfully defended your eggs, they are taken to a protected reef that you see as your main game menu. This reef is unique to the player and you may customize this reef by adding and removing corals, sponges, rocks, other fish and special items that you may discover during game play.
Publisher: Swiftcreek Games
Developer: Swiftcreek Games
Genre: Strategy, Casual, Simulation

Total Size of the Game : 166.38 MB

Download Fish Vs Crab for Mac Full Game Here:

Download Southpark Stick Of Truth PC Game Free Full Version with Free Activator 2014

Free PC Games to Download - Southpark Stick Of Truth PC Game Full Version with Serial Key Activation Code / Product key / License Number
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South Park: The Stick of Truth for PC 2014: From the perilous battlefields of the fourth-grade playground, a young hero will rise, destined to be South Park’s savior. From the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, comes an epic quest to become… cool. Introducing South Park: The Stick of Truth. For a thousand years, the battle has been waged. The sole reason humans and elves are locked in a never-ending war: The Stick of Truth. But the tides of war are soon to change as word of a new kid spreads throughout the land, his coming foretold by the stars. As the moving vans of prophecy drive away, your adventure begins.

Southpark Stick of Truth PC Game Features:
  1. The Definitive South Park Experience Written and voiced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, The Stick of Truth brings their unique brand of humor to video gaming.
  2. An Epic Quest To Become… Cool Earn your place alongside Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny, and join them in a hysterical adventure to save South Park.
  3. Friends With Benefits Recruit classic South Park characters to your cause.
  4. Intense Combat Arm yourself to the teeth with an arsenal of magical weapons and mystical armor.
  5. South Park Customization Insert yourself into South Park with something like a billion character, clothing, and weapon combinations.
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment,South Park Digital Studios
Publisher: Ubisoft
Game Genre: Role-playing
stick to truth pc game

How to Install Stick to Truth PC Game Full Version:
1. Unrar the game using any archive extractor tool such as WinRAR or Winzip.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game.
4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to
your game install directory.
5. Play the game.
Total Size of the Game: 4.2GB


WinX DVD Ripper Platinum v7 2014 Free Download Full Version with Serial Key Activation Code

WinX DVD RIpper Download 2014 Full VersionFree DVD Ripper to Download - Download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 2014 v7 Full Version With Serial Key - Activation Code

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a Windows-based DVD ripper software capable of ripping any DVD (incl. latest encrypted DVD discs and ISO images) to mainstream videos, such as rip DVD to AVI, DVD to MP4, H.264, MPEG, WMV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, etc.

WinX DVD Ripper 2014 New Features:
  1. High-level and Unique Technologies:
  2. Powerful DVD Ripping and Copy Abilities:
  3. Rip DVD to Portable Video Player
  4. Easy-to-advanced Video Editing Features:
Program Size: 29MB

How to Install and Get Full Version Software of Winx DVD Ripper 2014:
1. UnRAR using any archive tool.
2. Install Easily by following all instructions.
3. Now, GO to the Extracted folder and Look for Serial Key text file.
4. Use the Serial Key - Activation Code, to get register
5. Enjoy..

winx dvd ripper download free full version serials

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Download Tipard Youtube Converter v5 2014

Free Video Converter to Download - Tipard YouTube Converter v5.0 2014 Latest Version
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Tipard YouTube Converter 2014 : Tipard 2014 is also capable of converting clips to YouTube FLV, cropping off video size, adjusting Brightness, Contrast, Saturation video effect, as well as merging several files into one.As the first-rank YouTube Converter, Tipard YouTube Converter is capable of downloading the videos from YouTube, Yahoo Video, etc and converting videos to MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV and more with unmatchable speed and zero quality loss. Additionally, it enables you to adjust the video and audio settings at will.

Tipard Youtube COnverter New Features:
  1. Convert video to Youtube.
  2. Convert MPEG, MPEG-4, RM, WMV, ASF, TS, MKV, AVI, 3GP, MPV, MOD, TOD video to Youtube FLV.
  3. Trim your video length.
  4. Clip any segment of your video perfectly.
  5. Crop the play region
  6. Adjust the playing region of the video to fit for your player and your favor.
  7. Merge into one file
  8. Merge your separated video files into only one.
  9. Capture favorite pictures

tipard converter
Total Size of Tipard YouTube Converter : 23 MB

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Download Panorama Studio 2.5 2014 Free Full Version with Activation Code

Free PC Software to Download - Panorama Studio v2.5 Professional Full Version Download with Serial Key Activation Code / Product Key / License Number
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Panorama Studio 2014 for Windows: Panorama Studio Full Version is a professional software application built specifically for helping you create panoramic images.PanoramaStudio Pro is the complete solution for the creation of panoramic images. Besides the easy and established creation of panoramas Panorama Studio Pro offers now also the option to stitch arbitrary arranged images to panoramas. This allows huge panoramas, even beyond the gigapixel limit.

Panorama Studio 2014 New Features: 
  1. Easy user interface, large work space with a 2D and 3D preview
  2. Automatic alignement of single- and multi-row panoramas of up to full spherical 360×180 degree panoramas
  3. Seamless blending into a panoramic image
  4. Manual post processing of all steps possible
  5. Automatic exposure correction
  6. Interactive panoramas can be connected to virtual tours using hotspots
  7. Filters for additional image editing
PANOrama studio download

How to make Panorama Studio 2014 Full Version:
1. First, UnRAR the software in a folder.
2. Install the panorama studio
3. just replace "PanoramaStudio2Pro.exe".

Total Size of Panorama Studio 2014:  20MB

Download Panorama Studio 2014 Full Version Here:
(Select according to your PC Configuration)

32 Bit:

64 Bit:

Extreme Movie Manager v8 2014 Free Download Full Version with Activation Code

Free PC Software to Download - Extreme Movie Manager v8 2014 Free Download FULL Version

extreme movie manager free downloadExtreme Movie Manager 2014 allows you to link to your video files and display video info including pictures, etc. eXtreme Movie Manager is probably the most advanced Movies/TV Series/Actors collection manager around. It can catalog movies stored in your Hard Disk and removable devices in seconds with all information about codecs, resolutions etc. automatically.

XMM import movie information and covers directly from online databases, take a look at supported websites. eXtreme Movie Manager is not just a movie/video collection manager, its also a movie and actor database and a cover manager. You can record extensive information about your favorite movies and actors. With the exclusive “MagicScript” Technology It allows you to retrieve movie information (especially PICTURES, IMAGES and COVERS) from ALL online movie databases.

New Program Features:
  • Organize your Movie/DVD collection automatically, lookup your Hard Disks, CD/DVD, portable devices in search for files, import movies list directly from CSV,TXT files
  • Organize your TV Shows collection automatically, lookup your Hard Disk, CD/DVD in search for Episodes files, download all data from internet, including all episode plot, images, cats with just a click
  • Read Codec data directly from movie files, like bitrate, audio, channels, codec used, screen resolution
  • Extract frames directly from your movie files, to have a preview of the video quality, take a look at film scene
  • Download all data, images, trailers automatically from internet from many sources in many languages, including casts, crew, DVD details
  • Browse your Movies and TV Shows collection on screen with a powerful interface, with rich search options
  • Export all your collection in several format, including CSV, TXT, HTML and the exclusive (x)HTML-DATABASE technology
Total Program Size : 64.12 Mb

How to Install Extreme Movie Manager on Your PC:
1. UnRAR the Software
2. INstall it.
3. Read the .txt file.

Download Extreme Movie Manager Free Full Version Here:

Free Download Adobe Dreamweaver CC 13.2 2014 Latest Version with Activation Code

Free PC Software to Download - Adobe Dreamweaver CC 13.2 2014 Latest Full Version with Serial Key Activation Code / Product Key / License Number
dreamweaver CC 2014 Free download

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 13 2014 for Windows: This Dreamweaver CC Full Version is a industry standard WYSIWYG HTML editor that through its distinctive set of features makes web design easier and more comfortable. Develop more web content, more quickly. A streamlined user interface, connected tools, and new visual CSS editing tools let you code efficiently and intuitively. And now, Dreamweaver CC 2014, lets you share work directly from within the application, and helps you keep up with web standards by giving you access to new features as soon as they’re available. Your entire creative world, together in one place.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014 New Features:
  1. jQuery Mobile support: Add advanced interactivity with jQuery code hinting. jQuery makes it simple to add interactivity to web pages. Get a jump start with starter templates for mobile phones.
  2. PhoneGap support: Build and package native apps for Android and iOS with Adobe PhoneGap. Convert existing HTML to a mobile phone app within Dreamweaver using the PhoneGap framework. Test layouts with the provided emulator.
  3. Multiscreen Preview panel: Design for smartphones, tablets, and desktops with the Multiscreen Preview panel. Use media query support to style and visualize rendering of your designs for a wide range of devices.
  4. Fluid Grid Layout: Construct complex web designs and layouts without getting buried in code. Fluid Grid Layout is adaptive to help you design projects that display on different screen sizes for desktops and devices.
  5. Live View: Check your pages before publishing with a WebKit rendering engine that supports display of HTML5 content. Help ensure cross-browser compatibility and consistent display of your layouts.
Adobe Dreamweaver CC Total Size: 794 MB

How to make Dreamweaver CC 2014 Full Version:
1. First, UnRAR the software.
2. Install the Adobe Dreamweaver CC 13
3. Read the further instructions in the folder.
Download Adobe Dreamweaver CC 13 Free with Serial Key Activation Code:

FlashFXP 2014 Free Download Full Version - Easy File Transfer Tool

Free PC Software to Download - FlashFXP 2014 Full Version with Free Serial Key Activation

flash xp download

FlashFXP is a FTP, FTPS, SFTP client for Windows. Use FlashFXP to publish and maintain your website. Upload and download files, such as documents, photos, videos, music and more! Transfer or backup local and remote files, plus server to server ftp transfers. FlashFXP offers unique and complimentary advanced features for client configuration. Share files with your friends and co-workers (FTP server required). FlashFXP is available in more than 20 languages. Download this free tool here with Free License Keys. 

FlashFXP 2014 New Features:
  1. FTP, FTPS, SFTP, FXP Support
  2. Secure SSL encryption
  3. Remote server file search
  4. Remote edit with automatic upload on save
  5. File transfer rules based on size, and, or date
  6. File transfer automation with e-mail notifications
  7. Multi-Language (over 20 languages)
Total Program Size: 6MB

Steps to Install FlashFXP 2014 Full Version:
1. UnRAR the software easily in a fresh folder.
2. Burn / Mount the file.
3. Install it.
4. Go to folder and look for Crack OR Serial Keygen
5. Copy and paste the files from crack to installation directory.
6. Enjoy..

Download OpenSight FlashFXP 2014 with Free Serial Keys:

SlySoft AnyDVD HD v7.4 2014 Full Version Free Download

Free DVD Converters to Download - SlySoft AnyDVD HD v7.4 2014 Full Version with Serial key Activation Code 
slysoft anydvd converter free download

SlySoft AnyDVD HD application will come with same functionality as AnyDVD, but with additional features for full HD-DVD (High Definition DVD) support, including decryption of HD-DVD movie discs. Allows you to watch movies over a digital display connection, without HDCP compliant graphics card and HDCP compliant display. No need to buy an expensive monitor. Sweet! AnyDVD HD is the “must have” utility for the serious home theater enthusiast using a media center / home theater PC.

Total Size of SlySoft AnyDVD: 10 MB

Download SlySOFT AnyDVD HD Free Here:

SketchUp Pro 2014 for MacOSX Free Download

Free Software for MacOSX Download - SketchUp Pro 2014 v14 Full Version
sketchup pro download

SketchUp 2014 is an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program that enables you to explore the world in 3D. With just a few simple tools, you can create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects – even space ships. And once you’ve built your models, you can place them in Google Earth, post them to the 3D Warehouse, or print hard copies.

sketchup pro for macosx download
Total Size of SketchUp Pro: 101MB

Download SketchUp Professional Full Version: